Forensic Accounting

While forensic accounting can be applied in a variety of forms, in today’s corporate environment, a significant portion of the work of a forensic accountant encompasses the investigation of existing or potential fraud. Whether it is the calculation of damages, asset tracing, or summarizing a significant number of financial transactions, the primary functions of forensic accounting entail the collection, preparation, analysis, and reporting of data.  This highly specialized skill blends backgrounds in auditing, accounting, as well as investigations.

A forensic accountant is typically retained following an allegation of fraud. After carefully reviewing the information and performing an analysis, interviews of any relevant parties can be performed.  MSA Investigations’ forensic accounting professionals have significant experience in conducting in-depth interviews and analyzing and examining financial information in an effort to identify and uncover potential or existing fraud.

A forensic accountant prepares each case with the possibility that it will result in criminal prosecution or civil litigation in the future. 

Complex forensic accounting assignments in which our professionals have significant experience include:

  • Digital Forensics & e-Discovery
  • Calculation of Economic Damages 
  • Insurance Claims
  • Employee Fraud 
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Corporate Fraud