describe the imageMSA Investigations is adept at identifying and mitigating fraud risks unique to the construction industry, which has a notorious reputation for being susceptible to corruption, racketeering, and fraud. We provide comprehensive compliance services that range from construction integrity compliance to construction monitorships, and deliver compliance initiatives to some of New York City's most prominent developments.

For property owners and investors, criminal behavior can have an adverse impact on the integrity and safety of a development project and can cost millions, if not billions, of dollars in lost profits. MSA Investigations employs a skilled team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in construction integrity and compliance monitorships, racketeering, organized crime, law enforcement and forensic accounting to assist clients in the identification and prevention of such activities. Our integrated approach to fraud prevention helps prevent illegal and non-compliant activities at large-scale construction sites and gives clients winning solutions to mitigating risk. 

MSA Investigations offers its clients the following construction consulting services:


To learn more about MSA Investigations' turn-key solutions for the construction industry, download our white paper.

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