Investigative Due Dilligence Capabilities

MSA Investigations is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds and significant experience conducting in-depth research.  Our professionals have previously worked in the sports, investigative, financial, and public accounting industries, which enable MSAI to bring a unique perspective to all of our engagements.

We maintain relationships with third-party providers in cities and countries all over the world.  These providers have the ability travel to local courthouses, as needed, to search court records and ascertain whether an individual has ever been named as a defendant in a criminal filing.  If needed, supporting documents can also be obtained, upon request.  It should be noted that in most cases a date of birth is required to conduct criminal searches in local courts.  MSA Investigations also maintains access to federal criminal records identified in United States District Courts.

In addition to performing criminal searches in designated locales, MSA Investigations can determine whether an individual has been named as a party in a civil action, in both state courts and any United States District Court. 

MSAI commonly performs any combination of searches for individuals and entities.