International Due Diligence

An ever-more global business climate brings with it considerable investment opportunities, as well as heightened exposure to financial, regulatory and reputational risk. Potential threats exist in a variety of forms and are rarely disclosed. Among these are:

  • Executive-level job candidates who have misrepresented their credentials
  • Third-party agents whose businesses are predicated on corrupt relationships
  • Businesses  charged with fraud or other malfeasance by their local governments

MSA Investigations’ multi-faceted approach to conducting international due diligence investigations draws on our teams’ collective experience in fields including law, journalism, intelligence services, law enforcement and academia and our network of intelligence sources, expert researchers and current and former law enforcement contacts around the world we are able to provide true global reach. Using well established investigative techniques, our experienced investigators are able to collect, analyze and deliver to our clients the critical information they need to make the most informed business decisions.

With a firm understanding of the resources available in different jurisdictions – and an absolute commitment to obtaining these legally – MSA Investigations can provide your company with the insight necessary to identify and navigate undisclosed reputational, financial or regulatory risks.

MSA Investigations provides thorough and comprehensive due diligence investigations across six continents and in over 150 countries.

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