Digital Forensics

The retrieval and analysis of ESI often requires a wide knowledge and a variety of specialized equipment. Key information can be found in electronic communications, work documents, multimedia files, and internet usage data. ESI can be a key component in civil and criminal matters as well asDigital Forensics regulatory investigations. Our certified digital forensic professionals ensure that critical information is identified, collected, preserved, and analyzed according to the rules of evidence.In addition to technical expertise, investigations involving an ESI element often require a combination of traditional investigative techniques.

MSA Investigations combines its digital forensics and investigative practices, which provides our clients with a unique blend of expertise.With technology rapidly advancing, it is necessary to remain current with the most cutting-edge digital forensics equipment and techniques.

MSAI Investigations provides the following digital forensic services:

  • E-evidence recovery and analysis

  • Data Recovery

  • Document Discovery

  • Password Recovery

  • Mobile Device Forensics

  • Litigation Support

  • Expert Testimony

MSA Investigations can perform on-site data acquisition and analysis of computers, networks and other digital devices. All analysis of devices is performed at our state-of-the-art laboratory and employs a staff armed with the most up to date skills and knowledge.