Health care

Health care fraud is reported to cost the U.S. an estimated $80 billion a year, according to statistics compiled by the FBI. In addition, government spending in the health care arena is anticipated to increase steadily in upcoming years, with recent health care costs hovering at $2.7 trillion. By the year 2016, total health care spending is predicted to account for 19.6 percent of the GDP: that's over $4.14 trillion in health care costs.

medical symbolAs financial resources devoted to health care rise, so does health care fraud. Examples of health care fraud evidenced by lawsuits and settlements filed in the past decade include pharmacy benefits management companies submitting false claims to the government in violation of Anti-Kickback Statutes; Medicaid fraud and false advertising of drugs orchestrated by pharmaceutical giants; misbranding of prescription medications; false claims involving off-label product marketing; the filing of dishonest health care claims; and fraudulently manipulating the wholesale price of various prescription drugs.

MSA Investigations assists the health care industry by identifying fraud and protecting clients against exposure to risk. Whether utilizing effective surveillance and expertise in interviewing to detecting fraudulent health care claims or conducting due diligence of potential investments, our investigators work closely with health care clients to make sure their investigative needs are met, and deliver reports that are concise, consistent, and useful.

Some of the services our clients in health care have used include:

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