Investigative Due Diligence

Investigative Due Diligence

Performing investigative due diligence is an essential element of the risk management process and failure to do so can have a long-lasting effect on any organization. In today’s climate, every business decision, including mergers and acquisitions, selection of board members, or the vetting of a prospective client or partner, needs to be thoroughly and carefully examined.

MSA Investigations is committed to assisting clients in understanding the risks associated with a potential business partner by providing a complete picture of their reputation and background.  We work closely with clients to develop an understanding of what matters most and to create an appropriate, customized solution, combining a variety of research techniques. Our detailed reporting offers clients the insight necessary to navigate the complex landscape of national and international research.

About our Investigators

MSA Investigations Due Diligence practice is comprised of professionals from a variety of industries. Our researchers have prior experience in both the public and private sectors, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, law firms, hedge funds, communications, professional sports leagues, and public accounting.

MSA Investigations has Partnered with WealthGuard, Inc. to Provide Investigative Due Diligence Services on Financial Advisors

What Is WealthGuard?  

WealthGuard provides Expert Due Diligence in Finding a New Financial Advisor and Evaluation of Current Advisors.

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  • We do NOT work with any investment firm, bank or advisory team
  • We receive NO remuneration from any source but our client
  • We search for top financial advisors who fit ONLY our client’s profile at the right price
  • We INDEPENDENTLY audit our client’s current financial advisors’ performance, risks and fees