Cell Phone Forensics - Mobile Device Forensics

Cell phones, smart phones and other mobile devices are encompassing our private and professional lives at a furious pace. Mobile devices are expected to overtake the traditional personal and business desktop computer as our main resources of obtaining and communicating information. Some argue that this shift has already occurred. As the public migrates to these mobile devices, there is a stronger likelihood that they will be misused. MSA Investigations provides high quality forensic examination services of cell phones, smart phones and other mobile devices. 

MSA Investigations maintains a state-of-the-art Computer and Digital Forensics Lab where cell phones and other mobile devices can be examined and our technicians can respond and examine suspect mobile device(s) in the field. 

Our technicians can extract a wide variety of data types including:

- Contacts
- SMS text messages
- Deleted text messages (SIM/USIM)
- Call history (Received, Dialed, Missed)
- Audio
- Video
- Pictures and images
- Ringtones
- Phone details (IMEI / ESN, phone number)

State-of-the-Art Equipment

MSA Investigations uses the latest mobile device forensic equipment available, including the Cellebrite Universal Forensics Extraction Device (UFED). This equipment and software package provides for fast, secure data extraction and analysis from mobile phones, smart phones and GPS devices

Designed specifically for the mobile forensics industry, Cellebrite’s UFED family of products enables recovery of invaluable evidential data from thousands of mobile devices, including smart phones, legacy phones and GPS devices. UFED provides investigators with all the tools necessary to perform a job efficiently and with a full complement of accessories, cables, and card readers, as well as powerful analyzing, extraction & reporting software.

Cellphone Forensics and Mobile Forensics New York City Equipment

With more than a decade of experience in mobile data technologies, Cellebrite’s UFED products are deployed throughout the world and in use by military, law enforcement, governments and intelligence agencies.