Third Party & Vendor Screening

In today’s corporate environment it is imperative that potential business associates are fully vetted prior to entering into a relationship.  Failing to do so can have serious repercussions for a business’s reputation and finances.

At MSA Investigations, we work with our clients to evaluate all the critical aspects of a potential relationship with a new business partner.  We provide our clients with comprehensive due diligence reports to ensure that they make informed decisions about those with whom they conduct business.  Our skilled analysts identify critical information about potential partners including credit-worthiness, professional license verification, criminal history, bankruptcy filings, and civil litigation records.

MSA Investigations employs a multi-disciplined approach which includes the following:

  • Create a vendor screening questionnaire to be completed by potential business partners
  • Perform a comprehensive investigation based on the criteria selected by our clients
  • Conduct interviews with principals, associates, and other relevant individuals
  • Preparation of a report of findings detailing the results of our investigation