Construction Integrity Compliance

MSA Investigations’ Construction Integrity Compliance service offers clients a substantive program to identify and prevent instances of fraud, corruption, waste, and abuse on construction sites. 

MSA Investigations is an active member of the International Association of Independent Private Sector Inspectors General (IAIPSIG) committee. Our team is experienced in conducting wide-range investigations related to organized crime, construction, accounting, LEED certification (developed by the U.S. Green Building Council), surveillance, and other relevant areas.  We understand the complexity of developing and implementing an effective integrity compliance program and utilizing our knowledge of and experience in the construction industry to effectively focus resources. 

MSA Investigations employs a multi-disciplined approach to construction monitoring nyc resized 600construction integrity compliance, which includes:

  • Assistance with voluntary, regulatory, and court-ordered monitorships
  • Comprehensive vendor screening for all contractors and sub-contractors to identify potential areas of concern
  • Compliance audits of project payments
  • Contract review and monitoring to ensure all obligations are being met by contractors and sub-contractors
  • Ensuring compliance with project labor agreements, union collective bargaining agreements, and prevailing wage laws
  • Waste and debris hauling
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliance
  • Minority and Women-Owned Business (M/WBE) participation requirements
  • Create and maintain a fraud and worker-safety hotline
To learn more about MSA Investigations' strategy for building successful construction integrity compliance programs, download the brochure or click below to access our free white paper.

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