Background Screening

A recent study by American Data Bank found that 45 percent of potential employees either haveBackground Screening a criminal record, poor driving record, or bad credit history. The same study also found that 30 percent of businesses fail due to employee theft. According to, a third of all résumés are exaggerated and 16 percent of potential employees post false academic credentials on their résumés.

From conducting pre-employment background investigations on potential employees to providing criminal background checks on household caregivers such as nannies, MSA Investigations takes a comprehensive, personalized approach to protecting our clients' safety, reputation, and overall well-being. Case by case, we work to ensure that clients have all the information they need to make informed decisions about prospective employees, business partners, household caregivers, and third-party vendors. 

MSAI offers a suite of fully customizable background screening solutions:

  • Background Investigations  MSAI's Background Investigations provide clients with critical information needed to understand an individual or organization, and make informed business decisions accordingly. Whether clients are seeking to make an executive hire or engage in a high-profile business deal, MSAI's Background Investigations services can help.
  • Pre-Employment Screening  Screening potential employees is an essential step in mitigating both corporate and personal risk. Pre-employment screening can identify potential red-flags such as criminal records, bankruptcy filings, and educational degree discrepancies, and thus prevent an organization or individual from hiring an unfit or unqualified candidate.
  • Vendor Screening  In addition to performing thorough background investigations on individuals with whom a company interacts, appropriate due diligence also includes a thorough vetting of current and prospective vendors. Vendor screening will develop the reputation, background, and credibility of potential business partners and third parties, and will identify any dishonest or unethical conduct.
What Makes MSAI Background Checks Better?
  • We Take Compliance Seriously MSA Investigations' analysts have successfully completed the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Basic and Advanced Certification Training offered by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). MSAI is a proud member of NAPBS.
  • Our Analysts and Network of Court Researchers Ensure Quality  Most background screening firms outsource the bulk of their database research, mine data automatically and simply "dump" the data into a report, and fail to analyze the information collected during the course of a comprehensive background check. At MSAI, our highly experienced analysts research and review every detail of information gathered during the background screening process to ensure no stone is left unturned, and no critical information is missed.
  • We Use An On-Line Case Intake System for Added Security While many background screening companies require individuals send documents containing sensitive identifying information via fax or email, MSAI prides itself in protecting our clients' personal data. For background screening and due diligence investigations, our clients use a specially designed, highly secure on-line case intake system to shield against identity theft and fraud.