Frank Sinacori

Frank Sinacori

Manager, Anti-Counterfeiting & Executive Protection

Mr. Sinacori manages a number of investigative services at MSA Investigations, including insurance fraud, surveillance and intellectual property matters. In addition, Mr. Sinacori directs MSA Investigations’ executive protection services, whose clients include celebrities, prominent members of the business, social, and financial communities, as well as the professional sports industry.

Mr. Sinacori has over 25 years of experience in the NYPD as well as in private industry. Prior to joining MSA Investigations, Mr. Sinacori was a Senior Supervisory Investigator for Alliance Worldwide Investigation Group, where he was responsible for managing workmen’s compensation cases throughout New York State.

Mr. Sinacori spent 20 years in the NYPD, where a significant portion of his career was devoted to the Highway District Accident Investigation Squad. As a Detective Second Grade Investigator in this elite unit, Mr. Sinacori was responsible for conducting investigations of vehicle accidents city-wide, involving death and serious physical injury, to determine criminality, causation or possible insurance fraud.  Mr. Sinacori worked closely with all New York’s District Attorney offices to bring cases to prosecution.  Mr. Sinacori also served as an expert witness in numerous criminal and civil proceedings.

Mr. Sinacori investigated and brought to successful prosecution, a leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident, resulting in a fatality which ultimately became a landmark case and contributed to a significant change in the New York State DWI law.

As a member of the NYPD, Mr. Sinacori provided dignitary protection and engaged in high profile protection assignments, which included the annual United Nations General Assembly, presidential visits of George H. Bush and William J. Clinton, as well as the 1995 visit of Pope John Paul II to New York City.

Mr. Sinacori received training at the University of North Florida’s Institute of Police Technology and Management where he was certified in Advanced Accident Reconstruction, Vehicle Crush Analysis, and Advanced Criminal Investigation and Police Management. Mr. Sinacori has also been certified by the NYPD in Dignitary Protection and Anti-Terrorism.