Whether a client is proactive in identifying and eliminating fraud and corruption, or has been required to do so by a court-ordered mandate or government agency, MSA Investigations provides independent compliance monitoring services across a wide range of industries. 

MSA Investigations works with clients to identify areas where there is a potential for unethical practices and develops a specialized plan targeting those areas. We work seamlessly within an organization to implement improved internal controls and practices in order to mitigate corruption.  Our monitorship team has a wide-range of experience including backgrounds in law enforcement, organized crime, computer forensics, forensic accounting, law, and investigative due diligence. 

MSA Investigations employs a multi-disciplined approach which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Perform regular, unscheduled site visits to observe and verify that field operations are following the internal controls and procedures and develop a regular on-site presence
  • Conduct interviews with principals, associates, and other relevant individuals
  • Prepare detailed recommendations for internal controls and procedures
  • Perform compliance audits of project payments and other accounting measures
  • Contract review and monitoring to ensure all obligations are being fulfilled by vendors
  • Forensic analysis of electronic data
  • Create and maintain a fraud and/or worker-safety hotline
  • Provide clients with a vendor screening questionnaire to be completed by potential business partners
  • Perform a comprehensive investigation based on the criteria selected by our clients
  • Prepare a report of findings detailing the results of our investigation