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Nanny Killings Highlight the Importance of Background Investigations

Posted by Cristina Vasile on Fri, Nov 02, 2012 @ 11:18 AM

The horrific murder of two young New York City Upper West Side children by their nanny of two years, Yoselyn Ortega, has sent shock waves through the city, and the nation.  It was especially traumatic for those New Yorkers who rely on hired caregivers - strangers who essentially become intimate members of a family's life.

As reported by the New York Times, the fulfillment of every parent's worst nightmare has highlighted the importance of background investigations and will undoubtedly increase the intensity of nanny C  Users JMurphy3 Desktop nanny background checks resized 600searches.

While completing a background check cannot guarantee that tragedy won’t occur, the importance of background investigations should not be discounted -- they can still reveal important information about prospective nannies.

In addition to ensuring that prospective nannies do not have a criminal record, or have been identified as sex offenders, a comprehensive background check can identify a number of less obvious red flags of which parents should take note.

  • Bankruptcies, Judgments & Liens   Is the prospective nanny in debt?  Poor credit history or finances can negatively impact an employee's capacity to fulfill his or her job.

  • Civil Litigation   Has the prospective nanny been a party in any relevant civil or criminal litigation?

  • Employment   In addition to conducting reference checks, any gaps in employment history should be considered red flags. Has the prospective nanny overstated the time frame for which he or she held a position or even created fictitious positions that he or she did not hold?

At MSA Investigations, we have the experience and proper resources to conduct thorough background investigations. Our investigators are trained in Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA)  requirements, and have years of experience in conducting pre-employment screening.  We understand the importance of background investigations, especially when hiring a potential nanny to care for one's children.

Let MSA Investigations help safeguard you and your family against hiring an unsuitable or unqualified candidate.

Contact us to learn more about domestic employment background checks.

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